Hello, I’m Meta Mežan

foto: Urša Čuk – RastrLab

I am from Slovenia, more specifically from the capital city Ljubljana.

Right now I am in the 2nd year of Fine Art and Illustration course at Coventry University.


I finished Gymnasium in Ljubljana, after that I enrolled in University of Ljubljana, Faculty of education – Art education as my chosen subject. But in first year I realised, wanted to specify my studies more in to art itself than the education.

I am a reciever of the Stipendy from Slovenian Ministry of Culture for studying at Coventry University.


In my work, I am exploring different themes (feminism is in the center of my work currently).

I like to think that my practice is in intersection of Fine Art and Illustration. I have a passion for colours, which can be seen in my work, where I like to use strong colours (and contrasts to highlight them).

In the first years of my studies, I fell in love with screenprinting, so for now, this is my favourite medium. But I like to try new things, discover new possibilities, so my practice extends from painting (with acrylics) and drawing, to making short animations or digital illustration.


During my summers I work with children on summer camps, where I take care for a group of children, as well as organising fun activities (like water games) and creative workshops.

I used to work in an art supply store Rayher in Ljubljana, where I gain a lot of knowledge of all sorts of material, which helps me in my practice today.